The Events Calendar Pro Community Tickets Addon

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The Events Calendar Community Tickets: Sell Tickets and Share Profits

Extend the functionality of Community Events and Event Tickets Plus. Let users create and sell tickets for events they submit to your calendar.

Foster Community Engagement with The Events Calendar Pro Community Tickets Addon

Facilitate Seamless Ticketing for Community Events

Empower your community with The Events Calendar Pro Addon, designed to streamline ticketing processes and enhance the overall experience of community events.

User-Friendly Ticketing: Simplify the ticketing experience for community members. The Community Tickets Addon ensures a user-friendly process, making it easy for individuals to purchase tickets and actively participate in events that matter to them.

Community-Centric Features: Elevate community events with specialized features. Enable attendees to contribute additional details, such as event-specific information or personal messages, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Empower Community Leaders with Event Management Tools

Efficient Event Coordination: Community leaders can now coordinate events more efficiently. The Community Tickets Addon provides a suite of tools for event management, from tracking registrations to monitoring attendance, ensuring a seamless experience for organizers.

Customizable Event Pages: Tailor event pages to showcase the unique aspects of your community. The addon allows for customizable event pages, enabling community leaders to highlight essential information and create a compelling narrative around each event.

Foster a Sense of Belonging and Inclusivity

Inclusive Ticketing Options: Promote inclusivity with flexible ticketing options. The Community Tickets Addon supports diverse ticket types, including free tickets or discounted rates, allowing community organizers to cater to a broad audience and foster a sense of belonging.

Community-Building Benefits: Beyond ticketing, this addon contributes to community-building. Attendees can engage with each other through the event platform, sharing experiences and strengthening the sense of community, creating lasting bonds.

  • Run a powerful events marketplace: Boost ticket sales by crowdsourcing. Let your website visitors create and sell tickets for the events they submit to your calendar.


  • User ticketing platform: Event organizers can sell tickets to their own events from your website.
  • No admin access required: With The Events Calendar Community Tickets, users can sell tickets and access reports without access to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Collect ticket fees: Calendar owners can set ticket fees on a per-ticket, per-event, or per-sale basis. Include fees in the ticket price or display fees as an additional cost.ç
  • Attendee management Event organizers have access to check-in tools to manage guests and attendee reports for each event.

  • Sales reports Users can pull reports with ticket sales information, event earnings, and total revenue.

  • Ecommerce integration Use any payment gateway with WooCommerce and issue payouts over PayPal.

  • Automated payouts Scheduled payments to event organizers so you never miss a payout.

Get Today The Events Calendar Community Tickets.

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Original price was: $ 54.00.Current price is: $ 3.49.

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