Affiliate Program

Recommend GARUDEYA Products and earn up to 30% commission on every sale.

Success Steps with GARUDEYA Affiliate Program

Promote your affiliate link on websites and social media

The customer clicks the link + buys the item in 60 days

The order has been successfully delivered and the transaction is considered complete.

Get commission according to the commission scheme

Garudeya Affiliate Commission Amount

You can get


commission from every transaction that occurs through your referrals.

Garudeya Affiliate Questions (FAQ)

Affiliate Program is a program that gives commission in the form of money to anyone who can invite someone to buy a product.

You have unlimited passive income opportunities. Only by recommending Garudeya products, you can earn up to 30% commission.

You can register for the affiliate program by clicking here

Anyone who has a high commitment, has the desire to succeed and is willing to maintain the good name of Garudeya.

Your commission will be paid when it reaches US$100 (If you are not an Indonesian citizen) and Rp.50.000 (If you are an Indonesian citizen),  by submitting a commission disbursement request via the following form.

We will send your commission using bank transfer (if you have a bank account in Indonesia) and for those of you who are outside Indonesia we will send it via PayPal, provided that all your commissions are valid and do not violate the provisions we have provided. Checking is approximately 2 working days from the first time you submit a commission withdrawal. We will send your commission after deducting the transfer fee.

You can get 30% commission from every transaction that occurs through your referrals.

You can share links, banners with links from your affiliate account and share them in any way as long as it doesn’t harm

Yes, it is allowed, as long as the purchase link comes from your affiliate link and is detected by the system

No. You only earn commissions from people who buy products using your affiliate link so our system can detect them.

You can view commissions and sales history by logging into your affiliate account.

You can promote as many products as you want without any restrictions.

Yes. You are allowed to change the banner that we provide or create your own banner as long as it does not harm
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