Deactivate Plugins Per Page – Improve WordPress Performance

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optimize site speed by disabling plugins on certain pages

Short Description

With “Deactivate Plugins Per Page” you can easily disable plugins on certain WordPress pages (or on all except a selected page).

This is useful for speeding up your site mainly because many front-end plugins will load their JavaScript and CSS assets on every page, even if you use them on one page.

How it works?

You can add deactivation rules for active plugins. For example for a contact form plugin, that you only use on the contact page, simply add a rule to deactivate it on all URI except on the contact page.

deactivate plugins per page

add rule

Deactivation Rules Options

1. Deactivation Type
– Deactivate on selected URI
– Deactivate on all URI except selected

2. URI selection type
– Page
– Custom

3. [Page] Select pages to extract URI from (it will update automatically if the page slug changes)

3. [Custom] Custom URI condition
– URI equals …
– URI does not equal …
– URI contains …
– URI does not contain …
– URI starts with …
– URI does not start with …
– URI ends with …
– URI does not end with …

custom deactivation rules

4. Affected devices
– All
– Desktop
– Mobile

Plugin Groups

Create groups of multiple plugins in order to add deactivation rules that affect them all.

plugin groups

Debug Mode

Enable debug mode to see what is the URI and which plugins are active/inactive on the current page on the front-end. This will help you create rules and test current ones. A debug box will appear on the front-end if you are an administrator user.

debug information

Does it affect the Back-end?

There is an option (not enabled by default) that makes all rules with Custom URI selection to also affect the back-end. Some back-end pages will still not be affected in order to avoid problems, like the pages that control plugin activation, deactivation, updates, and installation.

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$ 3.49

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