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Cost Calculator Builder PRO

Cost Calculator Builder PRO for WordPress allows you to create freely powerful and nice-looking cost estimation forms on your website. With Cost Calculator Pro you can Create price estimation forms to provide cost information; Convert your potential customers into real sales, Bring estimation clarity and calculate costs immediately; Use professional calculator tools to complete your website. Streamline your pricing calculations with Cost Calculator Builder PRO, the powerful tool that simplifies cost estimation and quotation creation. Create quotations, price, and project estimation forms using Cost Calculator WP plugin

With Cost Calculator Builder PRO WordPress Plugin you can:

Cost Calculation forms

Create price and cost estimations on your WordPress website to provide cost information

Generate leads

Convert your potential customers into real sales with our simple to use cost calculator

Make pricing transparent

Customers easily understand your pricing and costing calculator

Compatible with all Page builders

Use calculator as a shortcode on your WordPress website (Elementor, Gutenberg, WPbakery, etc.)

Conditions Feature

zoom webinar wordpress plugin
The condition feature is a great way to allow your customers to easily build highly customizable and useful cost calculators. By having this feature, it allows to create dynamic price calculations by linking the fields of a cost calculator to a condition. You can easily change or disable specific forms by adding different conditions. For example, you can choose to display certain fields, or you can choose to disable a certain field completely. Allow customers to choose the information that you want them to input, and offer them the ability to view useful and useful estimations by enabling them to fill in the required fields.

Formula Element: Effortless Calculations Guaranteed

Universal Calculations.

Users can calculate anything from cleaning services to web design projects without effort.

Easy to Use.

Build hassle-free formulas with letters instead of confusing words.

Formulas with Multi-Conditions.

Feel the magic of different colors for nested conditions. You can handle formulas with many conditions for fewer errors and more accuracy.

Colored Letters.

Green-colored letters now mean the value in total. There will be grey letters if you add non-existing elements to the formula editor.

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Cost Calculator Builder PRO - Formula Element

Repeater Element

Let your customers calculate costs for several items or people in a single form with Repeater element. Perfect for group orders, events, and collaborative planning. It saves time, reduces manual effort, and boosts efficiency.

WooCommerce Price Calculator

You can easily allow users to easily change the WooCommerce product pricing by using different calculated variables included in the form.

This will allow you to easily add other formulas into a cost calculator that allows customers to add additional elements to the cost calculator to adjust the calculated WooCommerce prices.

This allows your customers to easily access their orders in the WooCommerce admin area.

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Cost Calculator Builder PRO

Orders Dashboard in Cost Calculator Builder PRO

Do you want to be aware of the status of commenced orders and view payment details for paid ones?
For the monetized Cost Calculator form, there is a dedicated section available to review.

All active orders from your clients can be viewed directly from your dashboard. Track, operate and confirm your customers’ orders. You can easily view, filter and confirm all the details of pending arrangements from the price to the date for each built calculator separately.

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Cost Calculator Builder PRO - Orders Dashboard

Custom calculator for variable products

Are you selling variable products that have prices calculated by any custom units and measurements? Make the calculation easier for your customers. Let them enter their dimensions and then have the calculator to withdraw the total.

Add extra options to the product calculator. So сustomers could make their inputs, and see the total price estimated automatically.

Unlimited Attaching Files

Encourage your visitors by inputting the file upload module on the calculator, where they can add only those data you specified on settings. There are various files that can be attached to the calculator: images, documents, audio, video, tables. Define the maximum size and number of files depending on your intention. Moreover, you are able to monetize the element, which incredibly fits every business.


  • Estimation forms Build unlimited estimation forms of any type on a few easy steps
  • Cost Calculator Builder PRO Plugin has its own powerful drag and drop calculation builder
  • Appearance Allows to freely customize colors, fonts, and background color
  • Compatibility Works perfectly with the popular page builders
  • Instant Estimation Lets users immediately estimate projects cost
  • Intuitive Interface Simple and user-friendly interface with no need for programming skills
  • ReCAPTCHA Ensure the security and reject internet bots by enabling ReCaptcha
  • Contact Form 7 Calculator integrates with a contact for best customer experience
  • Calendar field Allows to add a date picker to the calendar with a range feature
  • Payment Methods Multiple online payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce
  • Сalculator View Horizontal or Vertical calculators for better representation of the form
  • Required Fields Use required fields in calculators to improve the usability of the forms
  • Conditions Let the calculator work by defined logic for your favourite specific elements
  • Orders Dashboard Check out all your clients’ orders status and simply manage them
  • Product Calculator Place your built calculator on WooCommerce product pages for even more comfy interactions.

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