Move safely without disruption

Worried about migration disruptions or failures? Every step of our migration process (API or Package) is designed to ensure a fast and painless move.

Easy migration wizardPre-migration checksMigration troubleshootingEnable safe mode


API Migration

  • Migrate using secure API
  • Import or export
  • Protect with password
  • Exclude files, folders, and databases
  • Track migration progress
  • Email notification when complete
  • Failed migration troubleshooting

Package Migration

  • Migrate faster via ZIP package
  • Upload to destination site
  • Exclude files, folders, and databases
  • Easy migration wizard
  • Simple Installer.php steps
  • Protect with password
  • Override existing WP install
  • Failed migration troubleshooting

Multisite Migration

  • Migrate whole network
  • Migrate subsite to single site
  • Multisite compatibility check
  • Designed to handle added load of Multisite

Advanced Tools

  • Pre-migration safety check
  • Large file detection
  • Find and replace site links
  • Filter trash (spam comments, inactive themes/plugins)
  • Enable migration safe mode for increased success
  • Migration logs

All Features

Migrate single site

Migrate multisite installation

Migrate subsite from a network to a standalone installation

API based migration

Package migration

Find and replace automatic function

Source and destination system check before migration

Large file detection

Exclude files from migration

Exclude database tables from migration

Only files migration

Only database migration

Secure migration file through password protection

Extra security step preventing migration without authorization

Detailed migration logs

Final migration file size check

Filter trash out, exclude spam comments, revisions, inactive themes, and plugins

Restore a site anywhere with a script installer.php file

“Safe Mode” package migrations