WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

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WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce Alongside upsells and cross-sells, related products are one of the most common ways to boost sales effectively. Related products are often listed on single product pages as recommended items for customers to purchase alongside the main one. With WPC Custom Related Products, users can even configure the upsells and cross-sells to be related products easily with just one button.

Normally, related products are identified by items sharing the same tags or categories with the main product. However, store owners need more than that. They need to create a custom list and the possibility to modify that on a larger scale. That’s the reason why you will need the WPC Custom Related Products plugin.

This plugin facilitates users in adding related products in bulk based on different sources of products and rules. Users can adjust the number of products to be displayed and their order easily. Multiple rules for the same product are possible but the order matters, so choices should be made carefully.

Key Features

  • Support unlimited product type, even smart bundles/grouped/composite
  • 10+ Comprehensive sources: all products, products, tags, categories, types, brands, collections, attributes, visibility, shipping classes
  • Display filters: item limit, order by and order
  • Default products: use default related, smart related, upsells /& cross-sells, none
  • Overwrite Smart related (global) products at the product level
  • Search settings: search limit, by SKU or ID, exact, phrase or sentence
  • Work with WPC Smart Linked Products – Upsells & Cross-sells plugin
  • Work with WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin
  • Work with WPC Fly Cart plugin: display on the Fly Cart popup
  • Work with WPC Smart Quick View, WPC Added to Cart Notifications
  • Premium: Combined source allows different types of sources to be added
  • Premium: Lifetime plugin update and 1-year Premium support for third-party issues

Default Products

Default products is the option in the plugin setting under WPClever >> Related Products >> Settings tab that allows users to automatically assign products to be shown as Related Products on single product pages.

  • Default related: products that share the same tags or categories.
  • Smart related: products that satisfy the rules in the Smart Related tab next to Settings.
  • Upsells: use the existing upsell products in the Linked products tab of each product to be its own related products at the same time.
  • Cross-sells: use the existing cross-sell products in the Linked products tab of each product to be its own related products at the same time.
  • Upsells & Cross-sells: both upsell and cross-sell products of each product will be shown as related products at the same time.
  • None: no default related products are used.

Smart Related Products

In the Smart Related tab, users can configure rules for products in a more complicated way and for multiple products at the same time for selected products, or filtered items using product tags, categories, types, brands (WPC Brands), collections (WPC Smart Product Collections), attributes, visibility, and shipping classes.

In the Premium version, the Combined source is available, which allows users to combine above sources together to define even more complex conditions.

The rules created will be checked in the order from the top down. When there is any product belonging to more than one rule, the first one from the top will be prioritized. So the rule order matters. Please consider carefully when setting rules.

The rules in the Smart Related tab in the plugin setting are considered global ones, which apply to multiple products at the same time. If you wish to overwrite the related product list for any specific product, please go to the Related products tab of that single product page to enter a hand-picked list there.

WPC Plugins

WPC Custom Related Products can even work with special product types such as Smart Bundles, Smart Grouped, and Smart Composite to add or use them as related products.

Products configured by WPC Custom Related Products plugin to be the related product can also be made the default Bought Together products. There is a setting in the WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin to use the custom related products there as Bought Together automatically.

Custom Related Products can be displayed on the Fly Cart popup properly and users can configure which type to appear in the WPC Fly Cart plugin setting as well.
It is also compatible with WPC Smart Linked Products to use the Smart upsells and Smart cross-sells as related products.

WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

WPC Custom Related Products for WooCommerce

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Original price was: $ 32.19.Current price is: $ 3.49.

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