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Point of Sale System for WooCommerce provides store owners to have the functionality, where they can easily manage their online stores along with the physical stores.

The POS consists of two management systems i.e Front-end and Back-end systems. The backend system helps the admin to assign one or multiple store agents for the store. The store agent will manage their sales records and customers for the assigned stores.

The Point of sale system works both offline and online. The POS system comes with the feature of synchronizing offline data. The sales agent can easily synchronize all the sales and customer details that have been performed on the offline store with the online store. The POS system demand is increasing day by day as it increases the sales of the store owner by using their physical stores along with online stores.

Point of Sale System for WooCommerce

Why POS is essential for WooCommerce?

  • Working on Offline mode
    The POS system works both offline and online.
  • Cart on Hold
    The sales agent can put the sales on hold for some time and after they can proceed again.
  • Generate Barcode label
    The admin can create barcode labels for the product with their unique product id and SKU.

Main Features of POS system

  • The admin can assign multiple store agents for multiple outlets.
  • The admin assigns master stock for all the products at a time.
  • The module does provide a PWA POS System for mobile which works on low internet. .
  • The admin or sales agent can change the screen mode(Dark or Light mode) of the POS system.
  • Effective sales and inventory management system for the admin.
  • This module comes with a PWA POS desktop application for better handling and faster performance.
  • The admin or sales agent can set the unit price based on the weight of the product.
  • The POS agent can take a look at Gross Revenue, Net Revenue, Orders, Avg Order Value, Item Sold, Refunds, Discounted Orders, Gross Discounted, Total Tax, Order Tax, Cash Payments & Other Payments reports by the help of charts.
  • POS agents can sell a new product that is not available on the website.
  • Hassle-free payment via cash, card or split method and checkout system.
  • Apart from this, it facilitates a POS Wizard setup which helps the admin to set up the POS system instantaneously.
  • For a specific time duration (yearly, monthly, weekly) or custom duration, the admin can view the POS Reports.
  • The sales agent can use the Date Range option to specify for which dates to be included to
  • view the reports like Today, Yesterday, Week to Date, Last Month, Last Year etc.
  • For a specific time duration (yearly, monthly, weekly) or custom duration, the admin can view the POS Reports.
  • Better sales management by POS agent by monitoring sales history, hold sales, and offline sales from the POS panel.
  • The admin can enable the option for opening drawer popups for POS.
  • The admin can select the enable/disable to print invoice option for POS.
  • POS users can change their profile image.
  • The admin can make any customer the default customer for POS.
  • The admin can allow showing the zero-price products for the POS.
  • Orders from Woocommerce are now visible on the POS.
  • The user can pin the products that they want to see at the top based on their needs.
  • Product out-of-stock visibility.
  • The admin may add the custom order prefix.

Highlighted Features

1- Module works with both online and offline modes:-

The module works for both online and offline modes. The admin just needs to click on the offline synchronize button to synchronize the offline product.

2-Create Multiple Outlets:-

The module has the functionality to create multiple outlets and the admin can assign multiple sales agents to the store outlets.

5- Manage your products with Barcode

Create barcodes for your products to do hassle-free checkout.

3-Barcode Reader:-

The sales agent can use a barcode reader to scan the product and add it to the cart.

4-Coupons for the customer:-

The sales agent can provide coupons for the customer as well.
3- Provide a Discount on your product

On the cart, apply discount offers as a set sum or as a percentage (%) value.

Business Use

  • Expanding your business online, connected with your brick-and-mortar location, may provide your customers with an impressive purchasing experience.
  • The admin can manage the physical store’s POS. To increase the number of work points, each store/outlet can have multiple cashiers or sales agents.
  • The POS System can operate in both online and offline modes. The POS agent can also manually synchronize the offline data.
  • The Point of Sale System module is advantageous for increasing overall revenue by having multiple physical stores in addition to the online store.

Sell on Multiple Locations at the Same Time

You cannot be in two locations at the same time, but your eCommerce POS integration can.

  • The admin can manage multiple POS systems..
  • By using POS, the products are more manageable.
  • Based on the category and all items, the products may be associated with the outlet from the source.
  • The admin can choose the categories to assign to the outlet from the source.

Real-time Inventory Visibility Helps you Avoid Overselling

Any business owner or eCommerce manager understands the importance of inventory management.

  • You won’t have to worry about overselling items or shortchanging your clients’ orders if you have a direct line of sight to inventories.
  • By allowing the product for that specific store/outlet, the admin may simply assign items to different outlets with their stock value.
  • The administrator can allocate different quantities to distinct types of variable products.
    A POS product can have an endless amount of inventory assigned to it by the administrator.

The user can also extend the features and functionalities of the POS using the add-ons developed especially for the POS. The extensions like:

– Point of Sale Price Rule plugin provides various discounting features which can be applied to particular products or all products of the store for different occasions.

The discounted price is displayed along with the actual price on the POS, to notify customers about the discounted product.

– Point of Sale Barcode Inventory Plugin provides the option to the admin to assign inventory to a product from the back-end by directly scanning the product barcode and then assigning inventory to that product accordingly.

– POS Order Return Plugin facilitates the POS user to create refunds if in case a customer returns an order or products. As soon as a POS user generates a return for an order, the order status alters to refunded and the inventory of the products of the order is updated, automatically.

– WooCommerce POS Complementary Goods This plugin is used to add a complementary item to the POS cart when a certain amount of any product is purchased.

The WooCommerce POS Complimentary Items module is useful in situations when the POS user desires to provide complementary goods to a customer upon the purchase of a specified amount of any commodity.

– POS Booking Reservation Plugin for WooCommerce The WordPress WooCommerce POS (Point Of Sale) Booking & Reservation plugin will transform the store into a dynamic event-driven portal.

It enables the shop owner to sell bookable services as a product, with hourly and daily bookings using the POS outlet.

– WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification This plugin assists the admin in facilitating digitally secure Point of Sale transactions in accordance with French law. It uses a digital signature to validate order receipts and invoices..

– WooCommerce POS Customer Cart Screen plugin will assist the consumer in visualizing the checkout screen. As a result, it is possible to assist the consumer in verifying the cart before final checkout. The customer screen is in sync with the POS agent screen.

– WooCommerce POS Loyalty Management The plugin enables the shop owner to give their customers loyalty or reward points on the basis of different rules.

When a customer shops on the WooCommerce website or in the POS store, the customer earns loyalty points.

– WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message This plugin allows POS agents to send personalized order-related messages to POS customers over WhatsApp. The admin can use this plugin to create templates for WhatsApp POS messages.


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