WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring

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WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring



WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring System (WCPS) is a powerful tool that adds to WooCommerce many new features to plan Pre-sales or Time limited offers for all products!

How WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring System Works?
The idea behind the WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring plugin is to have a tool by which the shop admin can configure special price for items according to a selected period (NOTE: in case of variable items, the plugin allows you to assign presale/time limited offers to the items, not to its specific variations). This period could be a pre-sale period in which offer a few amounts of items to a special price or a special offer for a weekend or seasonal offer.
With WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring plugin you can do all of that. Furthermore you can also limit the offer period not only by date, but also using a “Goal threshold” value and only to a specific set of user roles!

NOTE: some WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring plugin features like Role restriction, Purchase limit -> Item(s) per customer restriction, Pre-saler purchase restriction require the customer to be logged.


WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring is a very flexible tool that lets the shop admin configure many “end strategies”. By WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring you can choose to make an item unavailable or switch to its regular price by:

  • End date: The item can be turned back to its regular price or made unavailable for purchasing (set as ‘Draft).
  • Threshold limit: The item price will turn to its regular price or will be unavailable (set as ‘Draft’) once reached the Goal threshold.
  • Threshold limit check only at expiring date: Once the expiring date is reached, item price will switch to its regular price/switched. to unavailable (set as ‘Draft’) if the Goal threshold has been reached.

For each product the shop admin can enable the special email notification option. Thanks to option the admin (or a set of custom email addresses) will be notified when the product will expire.

NOTE: Notification is not an active notification, it means that the site has to be visited at least by one user to trigger the expired notification check.

For what concerns expired product visibility, by default they are set as draft and then invisible to all. Enabling the special expired product visibility option on the plugin general options page, the shop admin can choose to show expired product in store even when they are expired (they are no more set as draft). The WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring plugin will make them unpurchasable.
Furthermore, in each product edit page once enabled the special visibility option, the admin will be able to set custom shop and product pages message after the product will be expired.

Would you like to make your products visible in your store but unpurchasable by your customer until the pre-sale/time offer period hasn’t started? You can! Just enable the special option during the product pre-sale/time period configuration.

WooCommerce Pre sale Time And Expiring will allow the shop admin to configure pre-sale /time offer periods only for a specific set of user roles. Non allowed user will not be able to add products to cart or to finalize purchasing (if the product was in the cart before the pre-sale/time offer was configured). Further more is also possible to completely hide products for non allowed roles!



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