WooCommerce Mix & Match – Custom Product Boxes Bundles

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WooCommerce Mix & Match

Do you want to sell an assorted case of drinks? Cupcake Box? Pack of Shirts and Tie? WooCommerce Mix and Match is a perfect solution that allows your customers to create bundle product packs by simply adding products to the box. Sell products in bundles or packages, this module offers an easy way for your customers to filter and/or pick the items they need to compose a product. Your customers can create gift boxes of different items and send them to their loved ones. You can limit the maximum and minimum number of items a customer can add to the box. You can enable to suggest a list of items from which a customer will add products to the box. The solution works perfectly fine with simple products and variations.


Key Features:

  • Allow customers to create custom product boxes.
  • Supports multiple layouts both vertical and horizontal, and supports Sticky Sidebar On Scroll.
  • Added – Supports to allow customers to filter products by category and add them to the box
  • Limit the number of products that can be added to a box.
  • Supports all product types, simple, variable, etc.
  • Enable gift wrap message field to allow customers to write messages or collect some necessary information.
  • Supports categories to load unlimited products for the box product.
  • Dynamic box price label feature added.
  • Configure box color settings, grid, or masonry layout and add a description to the box.
  • Supports tax calculation for box.
  • Allow customers to add products of their own choice.
  • Multiple box pricing options.
  • Option to charge shipping cost per product in the box.
  • Out of stock labels support included.
  • Compatible with Box product subscriptions plugin.
  • Added – Quantity selection for product add-ons.
  • Shortcode support to make it compatible with all builders, including Elementor, Divi, Beaver, etc.
  • Added – Supports shortcode to display box anywhere on site. Now simply use a shortcode like [box_product id=19] where 19 is the id of the product of type “box product”. Or simply [box_product] if on box type product’s single page. Shortcode can be enabled/disabled in the settings.
  • Excellent UX On Mobile View.

Backend Settings

When you install the plugin, then a new menu with the title “Mix & Match Box” will appear in the admin dashboard. This menu has two sub-menus.

  • Settings → Settings related to the plugin.
  • Addon Plugins → Here you can see the list of addons for the Mix & Match Box plugin.

 WooCommerce Mix & Match - Custom Product Boxes Bundles Admin Settings

  • Enable Category Filter Addon: Either display the category-based filtering dropdown on the single product page or not.
  • Box Items Column Layout: The type of layout for the box products display.
  • Show Product Short Description: Where to display the default WooCommerce product short description.
  • Products Per Page: Limit the products to be displayed in the box.
  • Box Price Label: The text to be shown for the price label.
  • Boxes Background Color: The background color of the boxes.
  • Boxes Border Color: The border color of the boxes.
  • Enable/Disable Variable Products in Box Products: Either to show variable products in box products.
  • Allow Single Variations in Box Product: Enable/Disable single variations for box products.
  • Enable/Disable short code for Box Products: To use the shortcode of this plugin([box_product] or this option must be enabled.

You can set the desired settings for the plugin.

Box Product Options

A new product type will be shown inside the “Product data” dropdown. Select the “Box Product” options and you will see two new tabs as shown in the image:

 WooCommerce Mix & Match - Custom Product Boxes Bundles Admin Product Settings 1

  • Box Pricing: Select one of the three pricing options.
    • Box regular price: Only the product’s regular price.
    • Only addons price: Only the sum of prices of the products added to the box.
    • Box regular price with product addons price: Both regular and addons prices.
  • Single Page Layout: Select one of the three page layout options.
  • Box Minimum Products: Minimum products to be added to the box.
  • Box Maximum Products: Maximum products to be added to the box.
  • Box Layout Columns: Select the number of columns to be displayed for the box area.
  • Products Layout Columns: Select the number of columns to be displayed for the products area.
  • Hide Out of Stock Products: If checked, out of stock products will not be displayed for the box products.
  • Show Quantity Selector: Option to show quantity selector to your customers.
  • Show Box Items Price: This allows to show products price.
  • Allow Tax Calculation: Enable tax calculation for box products.
  • Per Item Shipping: Enable per item shipping for box products.
  • Override Category Filter Addon Setting: If checked, you can specify the category filter option for the current product.
  • Do you want to enable: Shows if the above option is checked. Select to show/hide category filter for the current project.
  • Category Filter Setting: Select one option to show the categories to be filtered.
    • Display category from selected categories: Display only the selected categories which were selected inside the “Product Categories” option below.
    • Display category from product addons: Display the product categories which belong to the addon products.
    • Display category from product addons and from selected categories: Display both addon product and selected categories.
  • Product Addons: Select the addon products by entering the product names.
  • Enable Categories & AJAX Pagination: If checked, the products from the selected categories will be shown on the frontend.
  • Product Categories: Shows if you check the above option. Select the categories.
  • Pre Added Products in box: You can choose to pre-fill the box by adding products. Merchants can either pre-fill the whole box or partially refill to let customers fill the remaining by adding the products of their choice.

 WooCommerce Mix & Match - Custom Product Boxes Bundles Admin Product Settings 2

Inside the Box Product Options tab, you can option to enable an extra field to allow the customers to input text message for the box product.

  • Enable Message Field: Enable/disable the message input field.
  • Field Label: Label for the input field.
  • Field Type: Type of field. Single line input or multiple textarea.
  • Field required: If checked, the input field will be required.


On the single product page, the box product will be displayed according to the settings.

WooCommerce Mix & Match - Custom Product Boxes Bundles Frontend

Shortcode support

We have added a shortcode to show the product boxes anywhere on the site. To use the shortcode, the “Enable/Disable short code for Box Products” option must be set to Enable from the plugin’s setting page. The shortcode is helpful to show the product boxes when using page builder plugins like Elementor.

[box_product id="10"]

Where id is the id of the box product. You can also use the shortcode without the id part if you want to add the boxes on the single product page using any page builder as:

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