WooCommerce Custom Product Addons, Custom Product Options

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Provide Unlimited Product Options with WooCommerce Custom Product Addons!

WooCommerce product addons plugin lets you add unlimited extra product options by using a variety of field types like text area, text field, upload file, drop-down, check-boxes, multiple select, etc. It streamlines product customization for the end users.

In addition to product-specific options, you can create global options that can easily be attached to products & categories where applicable. This saves you time to create common options once and apply to relevant products. You can create individual options or multiple sets of WooCommerce custom product options and assign them to different products and categories.

Imagine the ability to assign product fields to thousands of products in just 5 minutes. The Pizza category can have its own set of options, the drinks category can have its options, All or each specific shirt type can have its custom options, etc.

New Features of WooCommerce Custom Product Addons

  • Sell any catalog item as product addon
  • Charge addons dynamically or in a product’s fixed cost
  • Hide or Display addon fields in cart and checkout pages
  • Hide or Display fields in order details page
  • Additional Fields: number, heading, color selection, font style

Did not find the desired functionality? Email us now at [email protected] to get the customized solution.

Create Extra Product Options to Sell More

It allows you to create WooCommerce extra product options to let customers select add-ons that complement the primary product or enhance its functionality. Select fields type according to the custom option so that users can easily select their preferences.

Add Conditional Fields for Product Options

WooCommerce product addons plugin lets you add conditional fields to create product options. It displays the specific fields when the condition is satisfied.

Charge Addons Once or Based on its Quantity

You can choose to charge the price of WooCommerce addons once or multiply it by the number of addons selected.

Multiple Input Types for WooCommerce Product Add-ons Plugin

<pWooCommerce product custom fields plugin has a variety of custom options for adding to product pages. Display custom fields on the product page that best describes a product feature. Following are the available input types for adding custom fields to the landing pages.

  • Text Field – WooCommerce personalized product options enable you to add a text field to the product page to let the users write line messages. For example, a customer can write the initials of his name and spouse’s name to be embossed on a wedding ring.
  • Text Area – Create a text area option and the users can write multiple lines about a product. if selling a t-shirt, let the users submit a message of multiple lines or other customization instructions.
  • Font Style – Enable you to add different text style to allows users choose their preferred text style customization on the product.
  • File Upload – Add a file upload option to products so that users can submit a file as an example. For example, a customer wants a dress to be designed like the one they have in a picture.
  • Drop down – Place a drop-down menu to allow users easily select an option they need. For instance, a user can select a preferred color or size of jeans from a dropdown list.
  • Radio button – Showcase product attributes in the shape of radio buttons so that users can select them with a click. It does not require navigating through a drop-down menu.
  • Simple radio buttons – You can include simple radio buttons to help customers choose their product options. However, it is different from the other radio button as you can include images for this radio button.
  • Checkbox – Represent custom options in terms of checkboxes so that your potential customers can tick the features or product add-ons they need. It allows checking multiple boxes.
  • Multiple Select – Create multiple select options to let the users choose more than one product attribute. For example, if a user requires a shirt in black as well as red color, he can select both.
  • Date and Time – Allow users to pick a date and time that is relevant to the product. For example, a gift shop can allow users to select a specific date and time to deliver a present.
  • Color Picker – WooCommerce product color options allow you to create a color-picking option that allows your potential customers to shop for a product in their preferred color. You can charge more for specific color selections.
  • Color Buttons – It enables admin to set and include the colors button as the radio button of their own choice. It helps admin to only show those color buttons which are available in the stock.
  • Google Fonts – Display an option to select a font type among Google fonts for product personalization. Let your customer design, print, engrave, or paint the product in a font style of their choice.
  • Google Map – With the Google Map option, you can allow customers to select the location on a map to receive the consignment.
  • Range Picker – Create a range for users to pick between a minimum and maximum value. Let them easily select a size or any product attribute with a quick range picker field.

Create and Attach Global Options to Specific Products and Categories

Product add ons for WooCommerce allow you to create global options that can be added to multiple products and categories. This saves a lot of your valuable time. You can create a global add-on rule with a variety of custom options and apply them to selected products or categories.

Follow 3 Steps to Create Global Product Options

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