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Effortlessly Manage Your WooCommerce Store with Smart Manager Pro

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming tasks and hello to a streamlined workflow with Smart Manager Pro, the ultimate store management solution for WooCommerce and WordPress. This powerful plugin empowers you to effortlessly manage your products, variations, orders, coupons, users, and even custom post types – all from a user-friendly spreadsheet interface.


Smart Manager Pro

Smart Manager Pro Boost Efficiency with Spreadsheet-like Editing

Imagine editing your entire product catalog or customer list with the ease of a familiar spreadsheet. Smart Manager Pro brings this vision to life. Its intuitive sheet editor allows you to view and modify vast amounts of data in a clear, organized format. Sort, filter, and rearrange your data with a few clicks, saving you countless hours compared to traditional, one-by-one editing methods.

Smart Manager Pro Effortless Bulk Editing: Save Time and Minimize Errors

Managing an online store often involves making repetitive edits to product details, stock levels, or pricing. Smart Manager Pro eliminates this drudgery with its robust bulk editing functionalities. Select multiple products, variations, orders, or other data points, and apply changes en masse. Update prices, modify stock levels, categorize products, or change product attributes – all in a single action. This not only saves you significant time but also minimizes the risk of errors that can creep in during individual editing.

Advanced Search for Quick Navigation

Finding specific products or customer information within a large dataset can be a frustrating endeavor. Smart Manager Pro streamlines this process with its advanced search capabilities. Utilize simple or advanced search filters to pinpoint the exact data you need. Search by product name, SKU, category, order number, customer details, or any other relevant field. This powerful search functionality helps you navigate your store’s data with precision and efficiency.

Seamless CSV Import and Export for Data Exchange

Do you need to import product data from a supplier or migrate information from another platform? Smart Manager Pro streamlines this process with its seamless CSV import and export functionalities. Simply export your data from the plugin to a CSV file, make any necessary edits in your preferred spreadsheet software, and then import the updated file back into Smart Manager Pro. This ensures effortless data exchange and simplifies store management tasks.

Inline Editing: Make Quick Changes on the Fly

For those quick edits, Smart Manager Pro offers a convenient inline editing feature. Simply click on the specific data point you want to modify within the spreadsheet interface and make the change directly. This eliminates the need to navigate to separate editing screens, saving you valuable time and streamlining your workflow.

Undo and Redo: Peace of Mind with Error Correction

Even the most meticulous store owner can make mistakes. Smart Manager Pro provides peace of mind with its undo and redo functionalities. Accidentally changed a price or deleted the wrong product? No worries! Simply utilize the undo/redo buttons to revert to the previous state of your data, ensuring you can correct any errors without permanent consequences.

Streamlined Order Management: Simplify the Sales Process

Smart Manager Pro empowers you to manage your orders with greater efficiency. View all your orders in a clear, organized format, allowing you to quickly identify order details, track order status, and update shipping information. You can also perform bulk actions on multiple orders, such as changing the status or applying discounts. This centralized order management system simplifies the sales process and keeps you on top of customer fulfillment.

Coupon Management: Effortlessly Create and Manage Promotions

Attract new customers and boost sales with targeted promotions. This plugin allows you to effortlessly create and manage coupons. Set specific discount percentages, define expiry dates, and restrict coupon usage to certain product categories or customer groups. You can also view detailed reports on coupon usage, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.

User Management: Maintain a Secure and Organized User Base

For stores with multiple user accounts, managing user permissions and access levels can be a challenge. This plugin simplifies this task with its comprehensive user management features. View a complete list of users, edit user information, and assign specific roles and capabilities to each user. This ensures a secure and organized user environment within your store.

Beyond WooCommerce: Manage Custom Post Types with Ease

The versatility of Smart Manager Pro extends beyond WooCommerce. This plugin seamlessly integrates with WordPress and allows you to manage custom post types with the same level of efficiency. Whether you’re managing blog posts, events, or any other custom content type, this plugin provides a centralized platform for effortless data editing and organization.

Unleash the Power of Smart Manager Pro and Transform Your Store Management

Smart Manager Pro is more than just a plugin; it’s a game-changer for online store owners. With its intuitive interface, robust functionalities, and time-saving features, this plugin empowers you to streamline your workflow, minimize errors, and manage your store with greater efficiency. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to a more productive and successful online business.

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