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PublishPress Blocks Pro

PublishPress Blocks Pro is the plugin that gives you more control over the WordPress block editor.

PublishPress Blocks Pro has everything you need to build professional websites with WordPress. The blocks include 24 layout options, sliders, buttons, icons, image galleries, maps, tabs, testimonials, accordions, and much more.

PublishPress Blocks Pro Main Features

PublishPress Blocks Pro features the best content block in WordPress. You can use the “Content Display” block to create blog layouts, lists of posts by a specific author, or even complete newspaper frontpages.

Content Display Block

Add all your authors in WordPress

PublishPress Blocks include Content Display, a powerful block to show posts, pages and custom post types in many beautiful layouts. You have dozens of settings to customize your content plus filters by author, category or tag, and more.

Block permissions


PublishPress Blocks allows you to enable or disable blocks for some users. For example, you can disable the “Classic” block if you don’t want users to rely on the old WordPress editor.

Column Layouts


PublishPress Blocks allows you to create flexible and beautiful layouts. You get 24 layouts options with different options for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Block Controls


Schedule blocks to be published and unpublished. Every block can have a “Start showing” and/or “Stop showing” option.

Block Styles


You can create custom CSS styles for blocks and making them available to end users. Name the style, and let the content editors use it when they need it.

WooCommerce Products


PublishPress Blocks comes with a block to display your latest WooCommerce products. You have settings to filter by order, product status and category, plus layout settings to display in columns.

Countdown Block


Easily create a customizable countdown block with a lot of settings, including date and time layout, font size, separaror, custom labels, image, title, date format, description, button, colors and more.

Content Blocks


PublishPress Blocks has multiple blocks to improve your content. You can create a Table of Contents block, build stylish lists with icons, and add attractive buttons with many design options.

Image and Video Blocks


With the PublishPress Video block, you can display remote or local videos with a customizable player and tons of options. The PublishPress Image block: get more controls over your images with zoom, opacity, captions and much more.

Email and Contact Form Blocks

You can create Contact form and also Newsletter sign-up blocks. Both can save your customers’s emails and export them to CSV files. Both also have RECAPTCHA spam protection.

Gutenberg Accordion Block

You can display content in an accordion layout. The content of each accordions can be visually edited: you can add text, blocks, and images.

Gutenberg Info Box and Icon Blocks

The Info Box blocks allows you to show information with an icon, title and text with custom styles. The Icon Box allows up to 10 icons per line. You can select and customize from Google’s Material Design icons.

Google Maps

With the PublishPress Map block you can display a Google Map with a custom icon, tooltip and description. You can choose the address, zoom levels and much more.

Count up Blocks

The Count Up block is perfect for showcasing numbers in Gutenberg. You can use it show how many clients you have, how much money you have raised, how many cups of coffee you’ve served, or anything else.

Testimonial Blocks

The Testimonial Block allows you to add clients testimonials to Gutenberg. You can add testimonials using columns or a slider. You can show the avatar, name, job position and description for each testimonial.

Login & Register Gutenberg Block

This block allows to load a WordPress login or registration form inside Gutenberg. You can also setup a redirect URL after login and customize the design.

Gallery Enhancements

PublishPress Blocks has major improvements for the default WordPress galleries, including lightbox displays, image captions, and better image navigation.

Anchor for Accordion Blocks

Pro version allows you to use the anchor to link to open an accordion.

Add Icons and Google Fonts to Buttons

Pro version support icons and Google Fonts for PublishPress Button block. Choose one of the 1,400 available fonts, then an icon and display before or after the text. Is that simply!

Change Sections Order for Content Display Block

Want to display the image below the content? This Pro feature will be useful. You can change the order of the sections such as image, title, info and text.

Customize the Read More Design and Featured Image

The Pro version of Content Display allows you to change the read more link design, including support for Google Fonts. Optionally set a custom size for the post featured image.

Google Fonts support

The Pro version comes with Google Fonts support for the core Paragraph and Heading blocks, and for each element of the Content Display block. Decide different fonts for title, info, content and read more link.

PublishPress Series Support

PublishPress Blocks works with PublishPress Series. This allows you to display series with the layouts, tons of features and flexibility from Content Display block.

Add Anchor, Duplicate and Reorder Tabs

With PublishPress Pro you can add custom anchors to your tabs, and open it through a URL. Also is possible to easily duplicate and reorder tabs.

Autoplay and Google Fonts support for Images Slider

PublishPress Blocks Pro include settings to enable autoplay and change interval speed between slides. In addition Google Fonts is supported for title and text.

Pricing Table Block

PublishPress Blocks Pro includes a Pricing Table block. Easily create a customizable pricing table section for your site in combination with Columns manager.

and more…

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