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Permalink Manager Pro Plugin

Permalink Manager Pro is the ultimate WordPress tool for managing your URLs. With regular updates and enhancements since 2016, this highly rated plugin is a reliable choice for optimizing your website’s URLs.

Overhaul WordPress Permalinks and Improve SEO Performance

Having a well-designed permalink structure will make it simpler for users to browse your website, hence boosting your SEO. Permalink Manager is the ultimate solution for editing your URLs without modifying any core files.

The Ultimate Solution For URL Customization In WordPress

The inability to customize WordPress inbuilt permalinks is one of its biggest drawbacks. With only a few basic options, you do not have enough control over how your website’s URLs are structured.

Permalink Manager extends native settings with more customization options. Discover what makes it the most powerful and user-friendly permalink plugin available.


Adjust Each Individual URL As You See Fit

Unlike the standard WordPress permalink system, which only allows modifications to the last part of the URL, known as the “slug”, the Permalink Manager lets you change each individual URL whatever you like.

Because you can update each of your URL strings one by one, it is much easier than using the built-in system to add more keywords or remove old ones that are redundant.

This allows you to edit the URLs of not just standard posts, pages or categories, but also custom post types and taxonomies such as WooCommerce products and categories.

Permalink Manager Pro


Rearrange Your Permalink Structure With A Few Clicks

Permalink Manager is a useful tool for every WordPress user that wants to change the permalinks quick and simple, allowing you to focus on other areas of your website. To do so, you may quickly make bulk changes to your existing permalinks or implement a standard permalink structure that applies to all new content.

Additionally, the plugin comes with a Bulk URI Editor that allows you to manually customize single URLs that need to be different from the standard structure. This offers you even more control over your URLs, allowing you to guarantee that they are SEO-friendly.


Change URLs Without Losing Visitors And Traffic

Making changes to the URL structure may significantly impact the user experience and SEO if not done properly. It could lead to broken links and a decrease in traffic if left unaddressed.

The Permalink Manager plugin addresses this issue by integrating a canonical redirect feature. Thus, by automatically redirecting old links to new ones, you may avoid broken links and their negative impact on search engine rankings.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to create extra redirect URLs if necessary. This functionality may be used to define alias URLs that lead to a new place, making it easier for visitors to locate the information they seek.


Improve Your WooCommerce URL Structure

In terms of UX, a successful e-commerce store should make it easy for customers to find the product or service they need. Having permalinks that accurately reflect the store’s structure can help with this.

WooCommerce itself does not give many options for customizing its URLs. Therefore, if you want to boost your SEO and the UX, Permalink Manager is a must-have tool.

You may use it to build cleaner, readable URLs by removing “/product/” and “/product-category/” from WooCommerce permalinks. There are a lot of different ways to use it. It is possible, for instance, to add SKUs into product URLs!


Add Custom Fields To URLs Dynamically

The plugin offers a number of options, including the ability to add custom fields to WordPress permalinks. You may do this without using any complicated PHP code snippets by simply using the admin interface.

This is by far the easiest and quickest way of dynamically creating permalinks with custom fields. Permalink Manager makes it easy to use the built-in custom fields as well as the ones controlled by popular third-party plugins, including ACF, Pods, JetEngine and Toolset Types.


The Easiest Way To Translate Your WordPress Permalinks

This plugin has been designed to work with two most popular language plugins for WP: WPML and Polylang. It allows you to create customized URLs based on language of posts, pages, or terms so that your website is accessible for people all around the world.

This means that the URL for content may vary depending on its language. In other words, you can create a unique link format for each language available on your website!

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Original price was: $ 54.00.Current price is: $ 3.49.

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