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MEC Ticket and Invoice


You can easily sell your events on your website using the MEC Ticket and Invoice add-on. this MEC Ticket and Invoice add-on allows you to manage your attendees’ check-in, send out tickets and invoices in email format.

Advanced Ticketing
Sell tickets & Register attendees on your site
Select one of two options for the style of your invoices and tickets. The QR codes on the tickets enable you to check-in attendees using the QR code scanner device. Using this tool, you manage your payments on your own website. With MEC Ticket and Invoice,  No need to refer your customers to any other third party websites anymore.



MEC Ticket and Invoice Key Features


  • Fast and Easy Check-in
    Fully functional QR code check-ins on smart phones along with a clean and nice design
  • Check the Tickets of One Booking
    With MEC Ticket and Invoice, Easily check and verify all the tickets that have been issued for one booking
  • Check-in Role Management
    You can define roles for people that you wish to put in charge of managing and checking the tickets
  • Company Information
    Provide your company information like VAT, Address, Logo, and more in invoice to your users in PDF.
  • Ticket and Invoice Template
    With MEC Ticket and Invoice, Now you can have an optimized and nice-looking template for tickets and invoices
  • Unchecking Guests
    you can easily check-in guests and uncheck them to check-in again should you need to
  • Importing Previous Bookings
    Don’t lose any data by importing previous bookings before purchasing the MEC Ticket and Invoice add-on
  • Attendees List
    Column is added to the list of attendees that displays their check-in status
  • Invoice Management
    In addition to scanning QR codes, you can manage invoices through back-end as well


All MEC Ticket and Invoice Features

  • Company info (name, logo, address, VAT, etc.)
  • Role selection for the person managing invoices
  • Complementary information including vat number, location, description, company Email transaction ID, Payment Gateway, Price, Fee, Discount, QR code, etc.
  • Print the invoice
  • Exclusive logo
  • Manage the quantity of every invoice
  • Export templates for a different WordPress
  • Export in XML
  • Export all invoices in XML
  • Filter invoices based on event or ticket
  • Simple use and many other features
  • Check-in with QR code scanner
  • Integration in managing reservations in Booking and Invoice
  • Complete billing information in the invoice
  • Resend to the user
  • Exclusive link in QR code
  • Exclusive QR code for every attendee
  • Performing the messages that are set for check-in after scanning the QR code
  • Division of attendee info in every invoice
  • Add Or Remove Attendee
  • Copy-proof invoice
  • Live Attendees
  • The most complete set of features to manage Bookings and Invoices to perfection
  • Compatible with any android or iOS QR code reader
  • Download the invoice
  • Send invoice by email
  • Add older invoices to the new system
  • Export all or a number of invoices in PDF format
  • Send every attendee an invoice
  • Easy management of every invoice
  • Disable the old invoice system
  • Check-in the attendees with QR code reader
  • Sign up a user by manually creating a new invoice
  • Dashboard for managing invoices altogether
  • View organizer info in the invoice
  • Optimized for all devices including mobiles and tablets
  • List ContentReplace all the older invoices with the new ones by simply installing the MEC Ticket and Invoice add-on
  • Check-in and check-out with QR code
  • View user status
  • Create an invoice per every person
  • Removing or adding participants; compatible with Booking
  • Remove or add user based on tickets
  • Displays today’s invoices in your WordPress Dashboard metabox state


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Original price was: $ 54.00.Current price is: $ 3.49.

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