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Unlock the Power of Knowledge with Infix LMS – Learning Management System

Are you struggling to manage your educational content efficiently? Are your training programs feeling scattered and unorganized? Infix LMS is here to revolutionize the way you handle your learning resources. Imagine a world where your courses, training modules, and educational materials are seamlessly integrated, easily accessible, and beautifully presented. Infix LMS brings this dream to life, offering you an intuitive and robust Learning Management System designed to cater to both individual educators and large-scale enterprises. With Infix LMS, you can simplify content delivery, track learner progress, and ensure an engaging learning experience for everyone. It’s not just about managing learning; it’s about transforming it.

Infix LMS - Learning Management System Live Preview

Key Features and Benefits

Effortless Course Management

With Infix LMS, course management becomes a breeze. Forget the complexities of traditional educational setups. Our platform allows you to create, organize, and manage your courses with just a few clicks. Drag-and-drop functionality ensures that you can build comprehensive curriculums without any technical hassle. Whether you’re an independent educator crafting specialized courses or a corporation structuring employee training programs, Infix LMS adapts to your needs. Experience the simplicity of adding multimedia content, assignments, quizzes, and more, making your courses more dynamic and interactive. The intuitive user interface ensures that even those with minimal tech experience can navigate and manage their courses effortlessly.

Seamless Integration and Customization

Integration and customization are at the heart of Infix LMS. We understand that every learning environment is unique. That’s why our system offers seamless integration with various tools and platforms, ensuring that it fits perfectly into your existing ecosystem. Customize the look and feel of your LMS to reflect your brand identity, making your educational platform truly yours. Use our extensive API to connect with other systems, such as HR software, CRM tools, and more. This flexibility allows you to create a cohesive and unified learning experience for your users, eliminating the need for multiple disconnected systems.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven decision-making is crucial in the modern educational landscape. Infix LMS provides detailed reporting and analytics tools that give you insights into learner progress, course effectiveness, and overall engagement. Track key metrics and generate custom reports to understand how your content is performing. Identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to enhance your educational programs. The ability to monitor individual and group performance helps in tailoring the learning experience to meet specific needs, ensuring that everyone achieves their educational goals.

Engaging Learning Experience

An engaging learning experience is essential for effective education. Infix LMS offers a range of features designed to keep learners motivated and involved. From gamification elements like badges and leaderboards to interactive content such as videos and quizzes, our platform makes learning enjoyable and impactful. Create discussion forums and social learning environments where students can collaborate and share knowledge. The user-friendly interface and responsive design ensure that learners can access their courses from any device, anytime, anywhere. By making learning fun and accessible, Infix LMS helps in improving retention rates and overall satisfaction.

Infix LMS – Learning Management System Features

  • Multi & Public Instructor
  • Gamification
  • Secret Login
  • One-click enroll for the free course
  • Google Analytic add option
  • PWA Ready
  • Drip content
  • Student login Device Control
  • referral system on purchase both will get discount
  • Certificate designer
  • Dynamic Header menu
  • Chapters & Lesson Position Drag & Drop
  • QA Section
  • Utility Feature
  • Student Profile
  • Admin & Instructor watch own course
  • Instructor Profile
  • Item Cart Stored In Database (No Risk To Lost Cart of Buyer)
  • Live preview Video
  • Login/Registration system
  • Live statistics
  • Admin can reject any enrollment with defined reason
  • Admin assign permission student and instrator
  • Manage all Courses (publish, unpublish, and active-inactive)
  • Support YouTube, Vimeo & MP-4 (Self host), vdocipher
  • Video Resume Play
  • Become an Instructor option
  • Course Download – PDF, Zip
  • Course Search
  • Course Rating
  • Course Query Q&A
  • Course Review System
  • Quiz for Courses
  • Unique Instructor user name
  • Bank Payout for Instructor from Admin
  • Instant Item Search
  • Description of each item
  • Change password / Edit profile
  • Currencies Converter
  • Transaction History
  • Statement
  • Earnings
  • Item Approval system
  • Coupon Option for the Application
  • Refund Status for Super Admin
  • Email Template
  • Course Purchase History
  • Invoice PDF Download
  • Features Item
  • Language translation
  • Language Translator
  • Notification
  • Course Progress
  • Course Filters
  • Flat Commission system
  • Instructor wise commission system
  • Instructor-wise and course-wise commission system
  • Instructor Payout
  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Student Dashboard
  • Zoom Integration for Meetings for Live Class
  • Zoom multiple Instructor API options
  • SEO Ready plain URL
  • Bootstrap 4 Framework
  • W3C Valid Markup
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Documentation Include
  • Clean Code and Clean Design
  • Testimonial
  • FrontEnd CMS
  • Multi Language Backend only
  • About Detail Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Blog’s
  • Right click disable for video
  • Geo Location for register student
  • IP Block option on Site
  • Dynamic Preloader
  • RTL

Infix LMS – Learning Management System New Features

  • Automatic logout after x duration time inactive
  • Error Log in General setting
  • Admin enroll a student directly to a course
  • Admin to create courses & assign it to instructors
  • Live Class, Public/Private option needs to be added when creating
  • Virtual class status added
  • Unlimited Level of category
  • Sudent dashboard course filter and search
  • User Management (Role based)
  • Demo Data import
  • Google Drive as a lesson storage
  • Course Refund system added
  • Offline payments, deduct from paid amount
  • Multi Instructor in a single course
  • class reminder
  • 6 New Home pages
  • Math Equations
  • Google Meet module compatible
  • Google Calendar module compatible
  • Gift module compatible
  • Waitlist module compatible
  • H5P module compatible
  • Registration Bonus module compatible
  • Upcoming Courses module compatible
  • payment gateway module compatible
  • Braintree payment gateway module compatible
  • Mollie payment gateway module compatible
  • Flutterwave payment gateway module compatible
  • JazzCash payment gateway module compatible
  • CCAvenue payment gateway module compatible
  • Coinbase payment gateway module compatible
  • Manual event reminder in class
  • Post notification manually from the panel
  • Comment in one place

Instructor Features

  • Adding Products
  • Generating Coupon code
  • Manage Products
  • View course comment and reply to student
  • Get notification for new enroll and course comment & reply
  • Upload course chapter and lesson and upload file for assignment
  • Set default language and currency only for him
  • Sales History
  • Wallet Statement
  • Sales Verify over API
  • Review History
  • Product History
  • Check Earnings of Month
  • Check Earnings of Year
  • Check Earnings of All Time
  • Instructors Profile Page
  • Instructor payment request
  • Balance show in Instructor panel
  • Bank Payout

Student Features

  • Registration Email verification ON/OFF Option
  • Enroll The course after purchase
  • Package Purchase
  • Bookmark any course or video
  • Student can comment any course
  • Set default language and currency only for self
  • Get mail notification
  • Course Certificate & Download Option

Unlock the full potential of your educational programs with Infix LMS. Transform the way you manage and deliver content, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning journey for all. Ready to experience the difference? Start today with Infix LMS – where education meets innovation.

Infix LMS - Learning Management System documentation

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Original price was: Rp 800.000.Current price is: Rp 25.000.

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