Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium WordPress Plugin

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Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium WordPress Plugin

With Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium WordPress Plugin, you can easily add RSS feeds to your WordPress site in minutes. Simply create a shortcode or widget to add the RSS feed to your post or page, and your readers will be able to access the latest updates and articles right from your WordPress site. Plus, with This Plugin, you can customize your RSS feed layout to perfectlymatch your blog or website.

Collect the Best Content, Automatically Add It to Your Site.
The most powerful WordPress RSS aggregator, helping you curate content, autoblog, import, and display unlimited RSS feeds within a few minutes.

Why Use Feedzy?

  • Unlimited RSS feeds
  • Multiple templates
  • Affiliate Integration
  • Feed To Post
  • Amazon Product Advertising
  • Full-Text Import
  • Content Paraphrasing
  • Content Translation
  • Keyword Filtering
  • OpenAI Integration

A Few Reasons Why You’ll Love This WordPress Plugin

  • Simple to install: Use shortcodes and widgets to add RSS feeds to your WordPress site.
  • Responsive & intuitive: No matter the platform, your content will be fully responsive across mobile and tablet.
  • Pretty as a picture: Create beautiful feeds with images, from all your favorite sites (including YouTube).

Bring More Functionality to Your WordPress Site

Feed to Post

Filter which posts you want to include when using our feed-to-post feature. Include or exclude posts based on keywords and control how many feed items get imported. Additionally, it includes more settings such as:

  • Filter by Keyword(s), Time Range
  • Map content as Page/Post
  • Auto-delete and Remove Duplicates

Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium WordPress Plugin


Automate your Affiliate Business

Feature affiliate links on your site with Feedzy, by automatically including your affiliate/referral IDs. You can even import prices from multiple sources to create product displays.

Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium WordPress Plugin

Article Spinner Integration

Automatically rephrase or translate your imported content with our integration (no separate subscription required). This refreshes your content, ensuring you have no duplicate content concerns.

Add Amazon Product Advertising feeds

Using the Feedzy RSS plugin, you can easily import and display Amazon products directly on your WordPress site with the Amazon integration feature. This allows you to monetize your site by earning commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links.

Create Action Chain

Enhance your content with multiple actions at your fingertips: paraphrasing, translating, customizing word count, word substitution, and more. Combine these steps like building blocks to craft your website’s content to your preferences.

We do not offer any additional services of the author, such as customization of products or license keys. We are not affiliated with or related in any way to third-party developers or trademark owners.
> 100% Clean Files & Free From Viruses & Free From Malware
> Unlimited Domain Usage
> Instant Download

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Original price was: $ 54.00.Current price is: $ 3.49.

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