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The WooCommerce Pricing & Discounts! plugin (WCTBP) is a powerful tool that allows the shop admin to create price and discount rules that dynamically set products price, cart discounts or adds fees to cart according to time periods, quantity (currently in cart or item stock value left), amounts spent (per items or cart total) and user roles (for automatic role assignment give a look to companion plugin: WooCommerce Role by Amount Spent).

Useful for many purposes like assigning special prices for special users (like wholesale users)!


role: shop_admin
user: demo
pass: demo

role: customer
user: demo2
pass: demo

role: custom_customer_role
user: demo3
pass: demo


To receive automatic updates just install and configure the Envato updater plugin: https://goo.gl/pkJS33 .The official guide that explains how to configure it can be found in the following link: https://envato.com/market-plugin .


It’s very straight-forward. Once installed and activated, a new WooCommerce Pricing! bulk editor voice will appear in the main menu, from where the shop admin can access to the bulk price and discounts rules configurator and create the price and discount rules where will be defined item prices or cart discounts according to:

  1. Time periods
  2. User roles
  3. User account
  4. Quantity (in cart or in stock) or Amount spent (per items or cart total) or Product total sales

Furthermore, the shop admin can also create specific rules individually for any product (or its variants) directly from its admin edit page!

NOTE: Make also sure to remove any sale price manually assigned to product, they will be ignored by the plugin.

Product total sales: In the case of variable products, the total sales value considered is the one of the master product (WooCommerce doesn’t keep track of single variation total sales). To edit the total sales value for a product (total_sales) use the Custom field metabox on produt edit page.

Taxes: The plugin, to properly work, requires item prices to be entered exclusive of any tax


The shop admin can use the WooCommerce Pricing! bulk editor to assign to a set of products (directly selecting them or a set of categories) multiple price/discount rules or use the rules configurator directly in the product edit page. Each pricing rule has the following options:

  1. Product(s) selection (only in bulk editor)
  2. Category(es) selection (only in bulk editor)
  3. Assignment strategy (only in bulk editor: the rule can be assigned to the selected product/categories or to all products except the ones selected)
  4. “Children” categories (only in bulk editor: if a category was selected, that rule can be assigned also to its children)
  5. Time periods

NOTE: Product defined pricing rules have higher priority than bulk defined. If both applies to the same product, the one specifically defined in the product page will applied. In case the “Stack rule: apply rule event if otehr have been applied?” option has been enabled, only same type of rule will stack (specific product pricing rule or bulk defined rules).


For each pricing rule, the shop admin can create different dates & time periods, select user roles or specific user accounts to which apply the pricing/discount rule and assign them different prices or cart discounts.
Every price strategy can optionally depend on the product quantity present in the customer shopping cart or according to the stock left value.
If the Cart strategy option has been chosen and the quantity is null or 0, the displayed product price will be automatically adjusted according to the strategy. In case of Stock strategy, if the quantity value is left empty or 0 the rule will be ignored.

In this way, the admin can create special prices according to time, quantities and user role or just for user roles! This could be useful to set up special prices for wholesale users or create special limited time offer discounts or special prices!

Note: In case of Stock strategy, the price will be assigned according the current product value stock value. So for examaple, the product has a stock value of 20 and the admin creates two rule for stock ranges 10 – 19 and 20 – 30.
The customer buys 5x of that product, the plugin will only apply the rule configured for 20 – 30 (because current item stock value is 20), It won’t apply for 1x the priced configured for rule 20 – 30 and for the other 4x the price for rule 10 – 19.


WCTBP updates product price displayed on its page every time the customers changes the product quantity. This is useful to let your users know how much the item will cost without adding the item to the cart!


By default for each product which applies a pricing rule and its price is less than the original, the default woocommerce “Sale” badge is displayed. This feature can be disabled using the WooCommerce Pricing! general options menu. Optionally you can also customize its text!


The shop admin, for each pricing rule, can use the special option Hide price for unauthorized users to hide product prices and add to cart buttons for the unauthorized users. Unauthorized users are the ones which do not match with the selected user roles and user accounts.
In case of previously products added to the cart before the rule creation, they will removed from the cart during the checkout process validation display a notice to the user.

NOTE: Make sure that the theme you are using is properly using the woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link,woocommerce_after_single_productwoocommerce_after_single_productwoocommerce_single_product_summary actions to render the add to cart buttons. If not, the plugin cannot remove them from product and shop pages.


Would you like to apply a bulk discount to products of the same category if a customer adds more than X item of that category to the cart (or spend more thant a certain amount for those items)?
Would you like to apply a bulk discount the selected products if the sum of their quantities/spent amount is more than X ?
Would you like to add cart fees accoding to the purchased product/categories ?
You can!

WooCommerce Pricing! allows you to select advanced quantity strategies that lets you to specify which quantity the plugin has to consider (single product, sum of product quantities/amount spent belonging to the same category or sum of all the selected products quantities).


WCTBP plugin will let you to configure discount rules for which your customer can buy X quantity of a product and have and get y quantity of those items for free!
To do that, the shop admin during the rule configuration has just to:

  1. select the new [CART]The selected number of items will be free option in the Price / Discount strategy
  2. select the By cart quantity range option on the Give away strategy section
  3. configure a min and max quantity range
  4. select the number of free items

So For example, the shop admin creates a discount rule where the quantity range is 8 – 15 and 3 as number of free items, If a customer adds at least of 8 items will be applied a discount to the cart equal to the item price * 3.


Selecting the [CART]The selected number of items will be free strategy, you can also give X items for free every Y (of the same item). It is useful to configure promotion like “You will get 1 item for free every 5 purchased items!”. Note that the offer will be applied to same items, so the plugin will give X items free every Y of the same item.

To do that you have just to:

  1. select the new [CART]The selected number of items will be free option in the Price / Discount strategy
  2. select the Y items quantity that have to be given for free on the Number of free items section
  3. select the Every X items option on the Give away strategy section
  4. select the items X step value after which Y items are given for free
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