ShopMagic – WooCommerce Marketing Automation, Workflows and More

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ShopMagic WooCommerce marketing automation

We’ve built a powerful platform that works to accomplish automation for your e-commerce store in order to help you make more money and scale your business.

Contact Form 7 + ShopMagic = easy email marketing to convert subscribers into customers

Collect data submitted in forms and use them in your automations. With ShopMagic and Contact Form 7 installed the sky’s the limit.

Select event

Use Contact Form 7 Submission event and selected form from the handy dropdown.

Create an automation

There are four new placeholders, which let you select every form entry and email.

Detailed logs

Check the queue and outcomes for results of your newly created automation.

Google Sheets

Send order data to a Google spreadsheet and gain insights that are not available in WooCommerce

The fastest and the easiest way to connect your WooCommerce store with Google Sheets

Fully automated process

Choose your own events that will trigger an automation and transfer your order data to a spreadsheet in real-time

Secure connection and data control

An open-source app that meets both Google and WordPress quality and safety standards

Unrestricted customization

Create personalized spreadsheets, reports, and dashboards with Google Sheets’ built-in functions and features

Gain actionable insights with ready-to-use features and spreadsheet customization

  • Analyze customer segments
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Manage your inventory
  • Forecast your sales
  • Explore trends
  • Connect with other apps

ShopMagic Abandoned Carts

Allows to save customer details on a partial WooCommerce purchase and send abandoned cart emails.

Deal with WooCommerce abandoned carts once and for all

Different research studies show that even 80% of carts in online stores are abandoned by customers. It means that right now, in your WooCommerce store there are countless abandoned carts which are only waiting to be recovered.

ShopMagic Advanced Filters

Send email messages and notifications tailored for specific customer groups

ShopMagic Advanced Filters

With filters you can create separate automations based on the following conditions:

Missing a filter? Let us know and we will add it →

  • Customer – Custom Field
  • Customer – Email
  • Customer – Is Guest
  • Customer – Total Spent
  • Order – Custom Field
  • Order – Item Categories
  • Order – Items FREE
  • Order – Payment Gateway
  • Order – Shipping Method

ShopMagic Customer Coupons

Reward your customers with personalized WooCommerce coupons sent by email

Get coupons in front of your customers right now to drive sales and customer loyalty


Compatible with other extensions

Works perfectly with other WooCommerce plugins like Subscriptions, Memberships, or Bookings.


Advanced targeting and segmentation

With Advanced Filters, you can choose precisely which customers will get a coupon.


Reward your customers’ actions

Send thank-you coupons after purchase, leaving a review, or joining your mailing list.

Add a personal touch to your coupon codes and make them more human

A unique, personalized coupon will be generated for each customer. Additionally, you can use a custom prefix, set expiry time and usage limit.

ShopMagic Delayed Actions

Time-travel your WooCommerce emails and delay your send times

Delay to grow, improve your cashflow, and get customers to like you more

Start recovering unpaid orders with delayed reminders

Your customer didn’t finish their purchase? Increase your revenue by sending a timely payment reminder

Automatically create repeat customers with follow-up emails

Build your customer loyalty and get more conversions with single emails or time-based sequences

Strategically spread your communication over time

Stop spamming your customers’ inboxes – nobody likes a “BOOM! 7 different emails just hit your inbox!”

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Original price was: $ 69.00.Current price is: $ 3.49.

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