SEFE – Sina Extension for Elementor

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SEFE – Sina Extension for Elementor

Sina Extension is a collection of ultimate widgets or addons pack for the Elementor page builder that works perfectly. It will extend the Elementor and increase web page building experience. You can build any kind of web page with Sina Extension without any hassle.

It has layout pack or library pack, banner or hero or text slider, brand carousel, review carousel, team carousel, thumb carousel, interactive testimonial carousel, posts or blogs carousel, posts tab, posts gallery, posts load on scroll, posts load more button, posts grid, posts list, posts thumb, posts ticker, forms (contact form, register form or sign up form, login form or sign in form, lost password form or password reset form, mailchimp, search form, instant search or AJAX search form or live search form), advanced charts (bar chart, doughnut chart, line chart, pie chart, polar area chart & radar chart), image hover effect, image accordion, video gallery, portfolio or image gallery, image comparison or differ, image marker or hotspot, image scroller, dynamic button, advanced tab with virtual tour and nested tab capability, source code highlighter, tilt box, icon box or content box, modal or popup box, flip box, pricing, advanced accordion with nested accordion capability, facebook feed, twitter feed, content protection, conditional publish, particles, parallax, preloader, water ripples, masker (you can masking any content of the widget as like as image mask), clips or image animation, colors or gradient animation, morphing animation, lottie animation and much more

elementor addon

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best addon for elementor

All the Widgets:

  • Accordion
  • Banner Slider
  • Blog Post
  • Brand Carousel / Logo Carousel
  • Chart
  • Contact Form
  • Content Box
  • Content Slider / Template Slider
  • Countdown
  • Counter
  • Dynamic Button
  • Facebook Feed
  • Facebook Feed Carousel
  • Fancy Text
  • Flip Box
  • Google Map
  • Hover Image
  • Image Accordion
  • Image Differ / Image Comparison
  • Image Marker / Image Hotspot
  • Image Scroller
  • Instant Search / Live Search / AJAX Search
  • Login / Sign In Form
  • Lost Password Form
  • Lottie Animation
  • Mailchimp
  • Modal / Popup Box
  • News Ticker / Posts Ticker
  • Offcanvas Bar
  • Particle Layer
  • Piechart
  • Portfolio / Image Gallery
  • Posts Gallery
  • Posts Load On Scroll
  • Pricing
  • Progressbar
  • Posts / Blog Carousel
  • Posts / Blog Tab
  • Product Zoomer
  • Register / Sign Up Form
  • Review Carousel / Slider
  • Search Form
  • Section Navigation
  • Social Icons
  • Source Code
  • Tab / Virtual Tour
  • Table
  • Team
  • Team Carousel
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Thumb Carousel
  • Tilt Box
  • Title
  • Toggle Content
  • Transform
  • Twitter Feed
  • Twitter Feed Carousel
  • User Counter
  • Video
  • Video Gallery
  • Visit Counter

WooCommerce Widgets:

  • Shop Box Grid
  • Shop List Grid
  • Shop Thumb Grid
  • Shop Box Carousel
  • Shop List Carousel
  • Shop Thumb Carousel
  • Product Filter Vertical
  • Product Filter Horizontal
  • Cart
  • Checkout

Available Extenders:

  • Conditional Publish
  • Content Protection
  • Clips / Image Animation
  • Colors / Gradient Animation
  • Grid Animation
  • Morphing Animation
  • Masker
  • Parallax
  • Preloader
  • Section Particles
  • Transform Effects
  • Reading Progressbar
  • Water Ripples


  • 2000+ Icons (Icofont)
  • 500+ Ready Blocks
  • 15+ Landing Pages
  • Demo Blocks and Page Templates available
  • Limitless Design Options
  • Details Customisation Ability
  • Easy to Use (Just Drag and Drop)
  • Fully Responsive
  • One Click Update
  • Well Documentation
  • No need coding knowledge
  • Elementor v3.x compatible
> We do not offer any additional services from authors, such as product customization or license keys. We are not affiliated or associated in any way with any third party developers or trademark owners.
> This product is intended for trial purposes only, we do not recommend long-term use. We still recommend that you buy original products through the official sales site.
> 100% Clean Files & Free From Viruses & Free From Malware
> Unlimited Use
> Instant Download

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Original price was: $ 24.00.Current price is: $ 3.49.

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