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Booknetic – WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling Systems

Booknetic is the most budget-friendly appointment booking plugin for WordPress to simplify client bookings in a contactless way.

Booknetic Introduction

As an industry leader among appointment booking plugins for WordPress, we take care of your bookings from bookings to revenue generation. We built fully automated solutions for a diverse range of businesses that rely on scheduling and booking appointments to handle their bookings, encounters, payments, notifications, and website sales in a single place.

Our user-friendly interface ensures that you can easily configure and build the appointment booking system true to your business. Enhanced customization features like form builders and templates aim to prepare your staff for appointments.

Intuitive UI enables your customers to securely and conveniently schedule their appointments via desktop or mobile.

A comprehensive list of features allows you to meet any volume of client base and business operations. With a powerful admin dashboard, you will be on top of your business management.

We are constantly improving our product to provide the solutions our customers need. Every update we make aims to improve customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line.

Once you purchase Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress, you will get the default features and some of the Free add-ons we offer for a limited time. You can always extend your booking capacity by getting other various add-ons or removing unnecessary add-ons.

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Booknetic Built-in Form-builder:

The appointment plugin for WordPress allows you to tailor your custom fields to your business using the multi-function Form Builder with your Front-end booking pane. You can look at different forms at the same time and select each form for various services.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Built-in Form-builder

Integration with Zoom:

Zoom has become one of the major communication channels for various appointment-based businesses. With native Zoom integration, you can connect virtual meetings from the booking plugin dashboard. With your Zoom Integrated Appointment Booking system, you will plan and combine your meetings in different places.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Booknetic - Integration with Zoom

Google Calendar 2way Sync:

To simplify your time management and remove any confusion, we offer Booknetic Google Calendar Integration add-on. Once activated, you can automatically sync all your Booknetic appointments to Google Calendar and import Google Calendar events to Booknetic calendar. So, the busy times on your Google Calendar will be marked as busy on your booking calendar for WordPress.

You can further customize Booknetic Google Calendar event descriptions by adding keywords.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Booknetic - Google Calendar 2way Sync

Booknetic Workflow module:

With the Workflow module, you can automate every action related to your meetings and build your business processes. For example, an email is sent to the customer when an appointment is received, and a Telegram notification is sent to the staff and administrator. Email the Zoom link to the client and Staff 30 minutes before the appointment. After the appointment, you should send the survey form to the Client via Whatsapp, and a POST request should be sent to EXAMPLE_URL via Webhook ( Zapier, IFTTT, etc. integrations ), change its status to the Archive 1 month after the appointment, etc.

List of actions supported in Workflow:

  1. When a new appointment is added
  2. When the time of the appointment is rescheduled
  3. When the status of the appointment is changed (it is possible to set different combinations according to the previous and new status of the appointment)
  4. At the end of the appointment (also X minutes after the appointment or X minutes before the end)
  5. When a new customer is created

Booknetic - Google Calendar 2way Sync

Booknetic Custom Appointment Statuses:

This feature lets you create unlimited statuses for the booked appointments throughout the appointment process. Plus to default status like approved or pending, you can add on status specific for your service and trigger action via workflow.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Booknetic - Google Calendar 2way Sync

Booknetic Payment gateways:

You can create a seamless and convenient payment experience with this appointment plugin for WordPress. The Booknetic offers native integrations to the most secure and popular payment gateways:

  1. Paypal integration (add-on)
  2. Stripe integration (add-on)
  3. Razorpay integration (add-on)
  4. Square integration (add-on)
  5. Mollie integration (add-on)
  6. Local payments

If you want to get your recipes on the spot from your customers, you can go with local payments. You can activate/deactivate the local payment method as you wish in settings.

Booknetic - PayPal, Stripe, Local payment methods

Booknetic Woocommerce integration:

You can use a variety of payment gateways and WooCommerce opportunities by integrating WooCommerce.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Booknetic - Woocommerce integration

Deposit payments:

No-shows and cancellations have a costly experience for appointment-based businesses. The deposit payment feature is an actionable solution to minimize their financial impact. You can set the amount of required deposit for each service, location, or staff from the plugin settings.


Whether you’re working in the beauty or fitness industry, every service professional’s been there: you arrive at work and take stock of the day’s schedule. You’re fully booked, and you’re waiting for the day to start, ready to greet your first client. And you keep waiting. Maybe the phone rings, and it’s your client, canceling 15 minutes after their appointment was scheduled to start. Now, you’re left scrambling. Even with your waitlist enabled, it’s often too late to re-book the newly vacant spot. Now, you’re left in an impossible position: do you enforce your cancellation and no-show policy and risk losing the client, or do you take the hit to your daily income? The appointment plugin for WordPress enables deposit payments to save you against any cancellations or no-shows

* We offer this feature as an add-on.


With Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress, you will have a chance to send invoices about your services. However, preparing invoices is quite a complex and time taking task. With the Booknetic Invoice feature, everything will be created automatically and fast in PDF format.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Booknetic - Invoice


To stimulate your prospects and existing customers for appointment booking, we developed a coupon add-on. You can offer special discounts for staff, services, or locations during a specified time frame within Booknetic.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Booknetic - Coupons


You can use Giftcards add-on to present customers through our appointment plugin for WordPress. The Giftcard you have created will correspond to a certain amount, and if the Customer uses this gift card when making an appointment, the money paid will be out of the gift card balance.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Booknetic - Giftcards

Multi booking services:

Due to high customer demand, we added Booknetic Multi booking services feature. Now your customers can book more than one services in a single booking session. This feature is available for multi services appointments. This allows your customers to book multiple staff, services, and times. WIth the help of multi booking, you can grow your appoinment based business at a larger scale.
Booknetic - Multi booking services

Group Appointment:

Group appointments – also called group visits or witnessed appointments – vary widely but tend to have several core elements to ensure that clients get the service they need with less amount money.

Recurring appointments:

With the Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress, you can keep the booking of your repetitive services in a convenient and superb interface. With the wide-ranging, flexible configurations, you can integrate every type of your business’s recurring service into your system.
Booknetic - Recurring appointments

Waiting list:

Booked time slots may prevent you from making immidiate adjustments to customer booking requests. To let you receive appointments for busy time slots, we offer Booknetic waiting list feature. Booknetic waiting list feature gives you more flexibility and efficiency over your booking calendar.

You can enable the waiting list feature in your Booknetic admin panel. Once the requested timeslot becomes available you will immidiately receive appointments for that time. You can set what type of notification to send customers in the waiting list once it is available such as email, WhatsApp, or others.

Customer cannot pay for the appointments in the waiting list. Once the timeslot is available, you can charge customers to pay in advance if you want.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.

Booknetic - Waiting list

Ratings and reviews:

Ratings and reviews empower your services with real customer feedback. Now you can display staff names with their ratings in the appointment booking process. You can send review forms to customers when a new appointment is booked, cancelled, started, and ended. Booknetic ratings and reveiews lets receive notifications whener new reviews is left, also filter notifications for only 1-star reviews.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.

Booknetic - Ratings and reviews

Multiple locations:

The Booknetic plugin is multi-locations supported. If your company is located simultaneously in several locations, you can combine your points on a system by adding each other separately. You can accept separate bookings for each area, and you can add staff for locations and by comparing your locations, you can create a rating schedule for creating competition between.

Multiple locations

Multi-level categories:

In the Booknetic appointment plugin for WordPress, you can create your services with multi-level service categories. With the perfect structured view, you can easily categorize your business services. The service Module has been created by using the latest design and technology for your convenience. If you have a lot of services, the list mode will be beneficial for you. With the list view, you can list your services in a single row.

Multi-level categories

Service extras:

Booknetic booking plugin lets you connect major services with sub-service categories. This feature is service extras in our admin dashboard.

Booknetic - Service extras

User role manager:

Considering a large number of user requests, we added User role manager to Booknetic. Now you can give permissions to different users based on their role in your business. This will take the burden of management from the super admin’s shoulders and divide management among relevant users.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.

Visual translator module:

Serving across the globe makes us simplify our solutions for all of our customers. With Booknetic booking plugin for WordPress, you will be able to translate or change any words in the Booking panel easily. Head over to the Settings > Booking panel > Label menu and enjoy the visual translating module’s ease!
Booknetic - Visual translator module

Insightful dashboard:

Our dashboards tab gives a snapshot of ongoing appointment bookings in your business. You can view the status of booked appointments along with their counts, the amount of booked hours, and the total bill payment.

Booknetic - Insightful dashboard

Google ReCaptcha:

The security of our customers has always been the #1 priority for us. Most WordPress users complain about getting spam appointments. We natively integrate with Google ReCaptcha to secure your business against unwanted user interactions. By activating Google ReCaptcha, Booknetic users will avoid spam appointments.

Calendar module:

Using an up-to-date interface and informative calendar, you can monitor your staff appointment schedule. You can choose to view calendars in daily, weekly, or monthly views on the Calendar module. Plus, the list view of the calendar is also available in Booknetic appointment booking plugin for WordPress.

The Calendar module also has filtering options based on locations, services, and staff.

Manageable calendar

Breaks, days-off, etc:

You can limit getting appointment bookings for a time. We built breaks, day-off, holidays to simplify this process on your behalf. This feature allows you to block certain time slots on your calendar thus avoiding getting appointment bookings for that period.

Reporting module:

You improve what you are capable of measuring. Our comprehensive reporting add-on allows you to improve your booking system and business with analytics. You can view and compare business profitability by locations, staff, or services, and compare them one with another. Graphical illustration of reports makes the analytics easy to understand.

* We offer this feature as an add-on.
Manageable calendar

Booknetic Bring people with you:

For group appointments, you can enable a single user registration for multiple seats. Bring people with you feature can be used within group appointments to remove separate appointments for each attendant.

Continue with Google:

Entering details in every registry may overwhelm users or cause type while filling out the booking forms. Continue with Google is a unique feature to Booknetic booking plugin for WordPress to remove tiny errors and generate a better experience for your customers.

Continue with Facebook:

Also, Booknetic has a Continue with Facebook feature to further facilitate the user registration process. Continue with Facebook lets you provide a super-simplified customer experience from first sight.

Booknetic Fully customizable booking widget:

Keeping unnecessary steps can make your booking process complex. You can enable \ disable certain fields and reorder their place. Also, Booknetic has a selected booking panel, where you display only selected location, staff, or service to customers among available options.

Customization of Booknetic plugin lets you choose the appropriate booking panel appearance for your website or brand. We offer 7 options to design your booking panel: Default, Brown, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink. You can choose one of the styles you want, or you can create a new template from your own.

If there is a CSS change that you think you need to make in your Booking panel, you can do so through this feature. You can easily change the settings that you cannot change in Appearance via Custom CSS.

Customizable design

Booknetic Customer module:

Our built-in CRM features save you juggling between unmanaged customer data. Booknetic’s customer database lets you store customer data along with appointment details. You can further import or export customer lists with our booking plugin for WordPress.

Booknetic Export & Import data:

Our code structure lets you easily migrate your booking system into a new booking provider. Booknetic has a built-in Export & Import data feature in the Settings section. You can export the whole Booknetice data or configuration and then import the backup file into the new system.

This also allows you to migrate your booking system or data when you switch to a local machine.

Export & Import data



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