5 Easy Steps to Import Elementor Templates

5 Easy Steps to Import Elementor Templates

We get a ton of emails from our users asking how to install our Elementor templates or why it says “Invalid File” whenever they try to upload it. Often than not, the primary issue arise from the fact that they were not importing our templates to the appropriate location at all, but rather on the “Upload Theme” section of WordPress. Other cases involve extraction errors or other dependencies.

Although there are already some tutorials existing out there to fix these problems, we figured we might as well make our own version so our users won’t have to look these answers themselves.

UPDATE: Here is the quick version of this tutorial:

How to Import Elementor Templates - garudeya.com

Step 1: Finding Your Page

Of course, the very first thing you have to do is to immediately go to the page you want to apply the Elementor templates that you’ve downloaded. Go to your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Pages’ and then click ‘All Pages’.


Scroll down to the page that you want to apply the Elementor template and then click ‘edit’.

Elementor import Template-2

Step 2: Elementor Visual Editor

Upon opening, you would immediately notice a large blue button titled ‘Edit With Elemetor’. Clicking that would lead you to the Elementor Visual Editor.

How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-3

The alternative method of doing that is to directly go to the page you want to edit (if it’s already existing and assuming you’re logged in to your WordPress admin), and find the same ‘Edit With Elemetor’ link at the top navigation bar.

How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-4

Or if you’re paying attention, you can see the same button on Step 1.

Step 3: Elementor Template Library

Now that you’re already on the Elementor Visual Editor, you’ll see a section with a plus icon and a folder icon on your page. Click the folder icon.

How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-5

An interface will popup where you would see a ton of ‘Blocks’ and ‘Page’ templates already available to you. You didn’t even need to download one in the first place!

Step 4: Importing Your Template

But of course, you’re here because you want to upload your desired and preferred template! On the interface of your template library, find the upload icon at the top (the up arrow icon) and click it.

How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-6

This will prompt you to the import template panel.

How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-7

If your using Windows, go the folder of your downloaded Template file and drag it to this section. Always note that your file must be either a JSON or a ZIP file. Nothing more, nothing less.

How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-8

Or you can click the ‘Select File’ instead for a much more direct way.

NOTE: In case the zip file you downloaded produces an error, you can try extracting it and upload the JSON (.json) files each, especially if the contents of the zip file are in a folder or contain non-JSON files (like .doc, .txt, .css, fonts, etc).

Step 5: Final Steps

Wait for a few seconds (depending on your Internet speed of course), and after the loading has finished, go to the ‘My Templates’ tab and now scroll to the very bottom to see the Elementor templates you’ve just uploaded. Their names should be obvious!

How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-9
How to Import Elementor Templates-garudeya-10
Click ‘Insert’ button and that template will immediately be imported to your Elementor Visual Editor.


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