Beyond Multisite – Utilities for WordPress Network Admins

By: Garudeya
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Beyond Multisite helps WordPress multisite network administrators to better control, protect, and clean their network.



Plugin Control Module
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  • Network disable plugins
    – Disabled plugins are hidden from site administrators on the plugins screen (so they cannot activate/deactivate)
    – Site enable plugins to allow plugin activation/deactivation for only some sites
  • Bulk activate/deactivate plugins
    – Target all or some sites by ID
Cleanup Module
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  • Bulk delete comments
    – Target all or some sites by ID
    – Target sites with at least X comments
    – Delete comments based on age, status, or containing a URL
  • Bulk delete revisions
    – Target all or some sites by ID
    – Leave recent revisions
  • Bulk delete sites
    – Target empty or old sites
    – Target by attribute or site ID
    – Permanent or soft deletion
    – Delete now or schedule a future deletion
    – Notify site admins for a scheduled deletion and allow cancellation
    – Choose maximum email notification sending speed
  • Bulk delete leftover database tables
    – They belong to permanently deleted sites
  • Bulk delete users by role (NEW)
    – Delete users without any role
    – Delete users with only a specific role (or roles) who don’t have other roles
    – Supports custom roles
    – Can only affect all sites (no site selection)
Copy Maker Module
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  • Copy Sites
    – Fully duplicate a site, except the main site
    – Internal links are updated to the new site URL
    – A detailed debug log is generated
  • Automatically replace newly created sites with a copy of a template site
    – Options to copy or not: users, site title, site admin email
    – Internal links are updated and a log is generated like in normal site copying
    – The Super Administrator chooses the template site in the options (not the user), and it cannot be the main site
Activated in Module
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  • View sites that have activated a plugin
  • View sites that have activated a theme
Pending Users Module
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  • Manage non-activated signups
    – Activate signup
    – Resend activation email
    – Delete signup
    – Search by username or email
Ban Users Module
(view documentation)
  • View user last IP address and country
    – Quick links to IP blacklist information sites
    – Find users with the same IP address as a chosen user
  • Ban users and their IP address
    – The ban denies login, signup, and commenting
    – Ban permanently or for 7, 30, or 90 days
    – Users must login once while the plugin is active (to detect IP)
Insert HTML Module
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  • Insert HTML globally
    – Target all or some sites by ID
    – Insert in head (before </head>) or footer (before </body>)
    – Insert on front-end and/or back-end
Captcha Module
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  • Protect WordPress forms with a customizable captcha
    – Easy to read by humans, hard to read by spam bots
    – Choose character set: numbers, letters, or both
    – Choose character count: 3, 4, or 5
    – Choose captcha image height: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, or 120 pixels
    – Choose which forms to protect:
    – Blog signup
    – User signup
    – Login
    – Lost password
    – Reset password
    – Comment
Email Users Module
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  • Bulk send emails to multisite users
    – Target users by ID or role (including custom roles) in all or some sites
    – Unsubscribe via a link or a profile setting
    – Shortcodes for user names, username, user sites
    – Choose maximum sending speed
    – Emails are sent in small chunks
    – Export email addresses to use elsewhere
Improvements Module
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  • Various improvements
    – Show user ID and site ID in the network users and sites pages
    – Hide plugin meta (version, author, etc.) from site administrators
    – Automatically delete leftover database tables on permanent site deletion
    – Show an icon for sites that disallow search engine indexing
    – Show a role icon for each user site in the network users page
    – Option to turn on/off any of the improvements
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$ 3.49

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