100+ Incredible Blog Topic Ideas For Students

It is amazing that you are a student and want to create your own blog. Blogging is a skill, and it can help you manage your finances, too. Without a doubt, it is very useful. It is important to become professional; it is very important to become useful.
The most important and challenging part of being a blogger is to find blog topics that are interesting, attract and engage your readers. Do not worry, because this article contains more than 100 blog topic ideas that you can use on your blog. You can create hundreds of different blog posts using the ideas that we have provided. If you use these blog ideas, you will have so many wonderful blogs for your student community.

Best Blog Topic Ideas For Students

That said, here are some of the best blog topics for students. These topics revolve around their lives, their skills, future opportunities, their career path, etc.

Try to write blog posts that are informative, but also inspiring. Students who are looking for something to motivate them or provide them with useful information can read your blog posts. Include information that gives students useful tips and steps that can be easily followed.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most attractive blog topics that could be great for you and your readers.

1) College life.

Students love to talk about different aspects of their college life.
There are various aspects of a student’s college life. It is interesting to write about these aspects. You can write about your college experience on your blog. Students love reading such posts. Students love to read such posts. Some of these ideas are: How to make friends at college, How to make friends while you are studying, How to socialise and how to succeed as a student.

  1. How do you find friends when you are freshie
  2. You may have difficulties in overcoming home-sickness while studying abroad.
  3. Looking inside a typical day in the life of a college student.
  4. Here are some problems that expat students have to face when living with their parents.
  5. Managing your exam after you finish your party.
  6. Here are the top 10 places that are suitable for college students to get jobs.
  7. Coping with college life. What you need to know about college life.
  8. How to manage your time as a college student.
  9. Life-balance tips for working students: Having a good balance between studying and working.

2) Study Tips.

These are some of the cool things that you can do for studying.
Hundreds of college students search the internet every day for study tips. If you use this keyword in your blog posts or in your topic, you will get up to 100K monthly visitors. The topics you can choose from are: (a) How to make effective flashcards. (b) Study Tips.

  1. How to make quick and effective flashcards that work well?
  2. Tips to learn more quickly by remembering your lessons.
  3. How to prepare for exams when you only have two days to study?
  4. Study smarter and not harder.
  5. Here are some fantastic study tips for the final exam.
  6. You can study smarter and not longer.
  7. Study tips – How to plan your study schedule.
  8. Improve your listening skills to help you learn more.
  9. Benefits of writing down the lecture you were given.

3) eLearning

Increasing numbers of students are taking eLearning classes online due to the recent pandemic and other reasons. It is estimated that the eLearning industry will be worth more than $370 billion by 2025. It saves a lot of time as you can access the best educational resources without having to travel many miles.
Online classes are hot right now, and you can discuss some topics that would be of interest to your readers.

  1. Tips to avoid distractions while you are taking online classes.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking Online Classes?
  3. There are a lot of good online courses that you can take if you are a college fresher.
  4. How to overcome the challenges while taking online classes.
  5. Tips to learn quickly from online classes How to avoid distractions in online classes. How to prepare for online classes successfully?
  6. Importance of having a study plan for online courses.
  7. Tips for a successful online course. How to plan a study schedule for online classes?
  8. How to prepare a study plan for your online classes.
  9. How to manage your career and online classes at the same time?

4) How to survive college by using tricks and tips.

If your audience is students, you can use a friendly tone to make your message appealing. Hacking is using a very informal word that means being creative to achieve something. Students love reading and getting to know various hacks that can help them in their college life. That can be very interesting for the readers. So lets quickly go into some suggestions for your college blog.

  1. Exam preparation tips for you.
  2. How to save money while living abroad?
  3. Where can you buy cheap books to study in college?
  4. Wonderful apps that make taking notes very easy.
  5. College Hacks: How to become good friends with your professor.
  6. Tips for submitting your assignments on time: Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you get your assignments on time.
  7. What you can do to earn money while you are still a student.
  8. Where to learn practical skills to supplement your studies?
  9. How to become a popular student in your college?

5) Students need to learn about 5 aspects that are important to them:

personal development, academic success, and how they can earn money online.
Every student is a person who is trying to become better and wants to succeed. Students are always wondering about their own personal growth and what they are planning to do to achieve that. Students love to read blog articles that focus on their own development. They would love to read blog articles that focus on their personal development.

  1. What it takes to be very effective in a lecture. What it takes to be a good communicator.
  2. Smart students have certain habits that help them succeed in college.
  3. Write about some tips on how to stop wasting time and be proactive.
  4. Things you should do in order to get a good start on your day.
  5. You might just discover some hidden talents in yourself.
  6. 4) How to improve your self-esteem as a college student. How to become more confident and self-confident as a college student.
  7. Tips to be calm and confident while giving a speech or presentation.
  8. Important things that students should know about personal development.
  9. Learn about five areas where you can improve your personal development (ADDITIONAL LINKS).

6) My college experience. Students enjoy sharing their college experiences with us.

Students are always keen to read about and share their college experiences. You can write about what college life was like for you. Share what you learned during your college years.

Write some blog articles about other things you have learned in college, other than what you learned from your academic studies. It would be great to share with them some smart ways to earn money online and how to manage your finances like a pro. Let’s quickly dive into some topics that are related to college life.

  1. Things you should know about the first year of college.
  2. How I managed to earn the respect of my seniors.
  3. What hackers may never tell you about college life.
  4. 5) How to turn your last year into a hell of a party!
  5. My first time meeting with someone special at college.
  6. What can you expect from your seniors in the college context?
  7. How to have a good balance between having fun and studying?
  8. Here are some things that I remember from my college days.
  9. My first trip with some of my fellow college friends.

7) Learn how to make money online. Many students are eager to learn how to earn money online.

Some students even start earning money by working online and even part-time. You can write about online earning opportunities for students and how they can earn money while they are still in college. Students want to know how they can earn money while still doing their studies.

What is the best way for students to earn money online? Discuss legal ways to make money online, like blogging, earning money through link building, etc. What are some cool topics that you can write about?

  1. Using freelancing websites to make money.
  2. Part-time jobs available for college students. Internet business ideas for college students.
  3. Some fun online business ideas for college students.
  4. Making money while you are enrolled in college is quite easy.
  5. Jobs that you can start doing right now if you are a student.
  6. How to earn money by blogging?
  7. Where do I find tutoring job opportunities that allow me to earn money from home?
  8. How to make money on YouTube while you are a student.
  9. How can you earn money using Instagram to earn money?

8) College Essay Tips. Learn some great writing tips for your college essays.

Students often struggle with completing their assignments and writing essays. You can write about how students can improve their writing skills in order to get good grades in their exams. You can also list some tips from professional writers that can help students to write their essays and assignments easily.

Here are some topics on which you can write about being a college student. You can write about your experiences and what you have learned during college.

  1. Write a great essay even if you don’t speak perfect English. Here are some topics that you can write on: How to write a good essay even if you are not a native English speaker.
  2. The writing skills apps that can help you learn how to write an amazing essay. What you should avoid when writing your essays.
  3. Use these free resources to get help writing your essay.
  4. How to successfully complete your college assignments in a very short time. How to write a college essay that expresses the main ideas of your college experience.
  5. Learn how to properly structure and format your college essay.
  6. How to write a great introduction to your essay. How to include a good conclusion to your essay?
  7. How to summarize a good literature review?
  8. How to write a good reflective essay in just a few easy steps.
  9. There are different types of college essays and the different formats that students can use to write them.

You can share some of your best tips on writing essays and other types of academic assignments.
Students want to know more about how they can succeed academically. Here are some tips that you can give them. You can write about some tactics that will help students get good grades and clarify their doubts. What are some good topics that you could write about?

  1. How to plan an assignment and write good instructions to get good grades.
  2. We will discuss some strategies to help students achieve good grades in their essays.
  3. When you write an abstract for a dissertation, keep these things in mind.
  4. How to write an excellent introduction for an essay that will convince your tutor that you are good at writing it.
  5. Write about your knowledge and what you know about writing papers for academic purposes.
  6. When to do both primary and secondary research.
  7. How do you pick the right dissertation topic?
  8. What is the ideal length of an essay that should be written for college students to achieve good grades?
  9. Check for plagiarism when you use Turnitin or other similar tools.

9) Different Career Options for College Students.

Discuss various career opportunities and professional paths that students can take while studying and after they graduate. Students are curious about what will happen to them in their future and what job opportunities are best for them. What are possible topics?

  1. Job opportunities for students after they graduate from college.
  2. How to build your LinkedIn profile to look professional?
  3. Is teaching a good career for you?
  4. How to write a nice cover letter to include on your Resume.
  5. What You Should Include in Your Resume.
  6. Some of the topics you can write about include: How to search for job opportunities on LinkedIn? How to create a professional LinkedIn profile?
  7. Among all the available options and services for you to get a job, you should include the following: What are the best platforms to find a suitable job after you graduate from college?
  8. It is important to have enough information to successfully prepare for your first job interview.
  9. How to impress a potential employer even if you are not prepared?

11) Some helpful scholarship suggestions.

It is important for students to get suitable scholarships and funding so that they can focus on their academics and not worry about their financial difficulties. You can write on various topics that are relevant to you, including but not limited to:

  1. How to get a scholarship – A complete guide.
  2. How to apply for scholarships at a good UK university?
  3. How to get a good scholarship to study at a US university?
  4. Here are some top scholarship opportunities for college students.
  5. Check out some of the best ways to get money to study abroad.
  6. Student loans are one of the best financial aid options available online to students.
  7. How to apply for student loans and get approved for them.
  8. Paying back student loans after you graduate.
  9. What are the best scholarship workshops that you should attend?

12) Topics that can help students with their mental health issues.

Many students face various mental health challenges while they are in college, such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Write about how students can cope with all the various issues that students face, such as being overwhelmed or being depressed. What is academic writing and how to write it effectively? What are the most important academic writing tips to include?

  1. Tips to eat well and stop worrying about getting depressed.
  2. Feel overwhelmed in college? Try these tips:
  3. Practicing mindful meditation can help you cope with stress and anxiety.
  4. What is yoga good for college students?
  5. Tips to help you work productively during your college days.
  6. Here are some tips that can help you prepare mentally for college.
  7. How to cope with exam anxiety? What is best to do when you are feeling anxious?
  8. Some tips to help you get over your failure in school and keep your mind at ease.
  9. How to be more focused on your education. What to do to be successful in your studies.

13) You can write about travelling around the world with friends and making new friends.

Students love to travel to explore the world and enjoy their college life. Students travel with their friends and classmates to create fond memories and have enormous fun.

For this reason, students are always looking for other students’s suggestions on where to travel, what to do, how to relax and have fun while traveling. You can write about how students can plan a trip on a tight budget, as many students do not have sufficient money for it. Some topics that you can write about are: How to get a job even if you are not prepared. How to appear at a job interview even if you are not prepared.

  1. Remember these things while you are planning to travel abroad as a student.
  2. What are the most affordable places in [PLACE] to visit?
  3. Write about how to save money for your trip to spend some time with your friends.
  4. You can write about popular tourist destinations that students love to visit and what their co-workers love to travel to.
  5. What are the best days to visit certain countries?
  6. Here are the tips for traveling for a cheap price and still saving money.
  7. Check out the best student travel groups in your city.
  8. How can you earn money while you are travelling?
  9. It is very difficult to find affordable places to stay if you are studying in London. So what should you do while you are in London?

14) Places where you can get internships & other opportunities.

Here are some useful tips for students to get internships and other opportunities.
Being able to do an internship is a very important part of a student’s academic career. Some students struggle to find an internship that is relevant to their field of study. Many students are unaware of how to apply and what are the eligibility criteria for a scholarship. Students can get experience by taking internships that will help them get a better job. You can write about various topics related to internships and other similar opportunities.

  1. If you are an upcoming intern, you must know how to prepare and ace your interview for the position.
  2. You should be able to discuss topics like: Understanding paid and unpaid internships.
  3. Pay attention to the different kinds of internship opportunities that you can get while you are in college.
  4. Here are some tips to help you get your first internship successfully.
  5. Search for internship opportunities on different platforms to help you find them.
  6. Here are a few helpful tips on how to get an internship in a multinational company.
  7. Internships are a big stepping stone to getting a better job.
  8. How to find an internship that suits your skills and interests.
  9. What are the responsibilities of doing an internship? Why is doing internships important?

15) Students & Students at Home & How to Do Things Off-Campus.

Some students prefer to live off-campus because they are unable to fully enjoy the privacy of their college hostels. Some students now prefer living off-campus to avoid dorm rules and regulations and to feel independent.

It is a big decision to move off campus, and many students face several difficulties while living off campus. So, here are some topics you can write about. You can even write a blog on such topics.

  1. Some useful advice for first-time renters of an apartment.
  2. What should you look for in your roommates when you are living off-campus?
  3. Some of the things you need to know if you are living off-campus.
  4. What are the cheapest housing options near your university?
  5. Living on and off campus is very different from living on a college campus.
  6. What should you consider before you look for an apartment for off-campus living?
  7. Students need to be able to manage their money while they are living off-campus.
  8. What to do when you live off-campus? How to find part-time jobs for students who live off-campus?
  9. What it is like to live off-campus and how to deal with it.
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